Low-tech lives on in OmNomNom Classic Snake Game

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OmNomNom (Classic Snake)
Developer: Phase2 Media
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Back in the day -- way back when old school was still new -- Nokia introduced a fun little way to run down your cell phone battery. Snake was a simple game. Use four arrow keys to control the snake while he roams the screen eating snacks, but don't let your ever-elongating snake touch himself or it's game over.

Phase 2 Media has brought the classic to a new generation of cell phone users. Omnomnom (classic snake) has been updated to work brilliantly on the iphone, yet still maintains the look and feel of the classic -- grey-green screen, super simple arrow buttons and that's about it. This game is still as addictive as ever and I found myself hitting the restart button over and over to keep the fun going.

One caveat to note: the battery power display at the top of your screen is FAKE! This should be obvious as the top of the screen is set up like a classic cell phone display. However, if you let this game pull you back in time, you may just run out of juice before you notice what's happened. (Ah, how history repeats itself!)

Future updates will include the ability for the snake to go through walls exiting on one side of the screen and entering on the other. A contest is also in the works and a players Hall of Fame.

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