Lunar Defense Showcases Young Talent and Old-School Theme

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Lunar Defense
Developer: Akshay Goradia
Price: free Download on the App Store

Lunar DefenseOld-school arcade style games are alive and well in the App Store and it’s great to see the young generation of app developers working to keep them going. In a break-out app by 16-year-old Akshay Goradia, Lunar Defense applies the principles of arcade style gaming to a mobile platform, resulting in a simple and fun challenge of blowing up asteroids to save the moon.

Lunar Defense has a simple interface with various shaped and sized objects (asteroids) that are destroyed by aiming and launching your weapon. Complete with powerups and friendly spacecraft obstacles, Lunar Defense challenges players to achieve the highest score by saving the moon. 

Lunar Defense’s gameplay is simple. Using the slingshot-style weapon and touch physics, players launch what looks like an orb of light at incoming asteroids. Some asteroids take more than one hit to destroy and players must also avoid friendly fire with the occasional spaceship. Each game supplies three lives and powerups randomly appear to help you progress as well. Compete against your own high score and the Game Center leaderboards or challenge friends on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s great about Lunar Defense is it demonstrates the younger generation of gaming developers’ take on old-school games. It offers a little bit of progressive challenge, an element of replay and the simplistic style of an arcade shooter. Overall, the game is fairly well designed, especially in terms of motion and physics. The accompanying artwork is charming and the graphics do a good job of capturing the young and the old. Despite the fact that some objects don’t feel like they’re actually separate from one another, the general gameplay goals are still achieved. In short, though it’s not the most riveting arcade game ever invented, it certainly puts a new twist on an classic theme and does so in a well thought out manner.

For a break-out app from a young developer, Lunar Defense earns applause for effort and presentation. It has a few elements of addictive gameplay and because it’s an active pick-up-and-play game, the casual replay value makes it a good time killer. For these reasons, it should be fun to see what future ideas Goradia brings to life. Lunar Defense is free for iPad and iPhone, so in support of the next generation of app developers, give it a try.

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