Lunar Module 3D is a Realistic Way to Test Your Moon Mission Skills

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Lunar Module 3D
Developer: Jason Pastewski
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lunar-module-3d-iphone-appThe Eagle has landed, but this time it's touching down in the App Store courtesy of J-Squared Software. Lunar Module 3D is a moon-themed game that is timed just right to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. Of course, space aficionados and wannabe-astronauts will likely enjoy the game year-round.

Lunar Module 3D is mission-based. Driving the lunar module, your  job is to safely touch down at landing sites spread over the surface of the moon — without crashing or running out of fuel. It's harder than it sounds because, just like in real life there is no second chance to land correctly. You either crash or you don't. If you crash, you must start the mission over.

As you work your way through the lunar missions, new landing sites are added  along with the ability to refuel. Just note that refueling will take time and may stop you from earning a medal, which means you'll have to repeat the mission to unlock the next one. Lunar Module 3D comes with the first 4 missions unlocked, so even if it takes awhile for you to earn a medal, you won't be bored with the same old thing.

The controls in Lunar Module 3D take some time to get used to. Basically, the game just uses the accelerometer to guide and stay level with a thrust button in the lower right corner. It's a fairly straight-forward arrangement. But, you must learn to move within the gravity of the moon.

Lunar Module 3D is very realistic in how it handles gravity and movement through the barren landscape. This is not a game for anyone looking to race through with excitement and adrenaline. Movements are slow and trying to go too fast will burn through your precious fuel and can get you killed — quickly. That being said, the soothing space tunes and bleakly beautiful moonscape can be a very meditative experience.

Watch the Lunar Module 3D video demo for more instructions:

Image Gallery: Lunar Module 3D

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  • Marc

    i am really glad someone still cares about my lem handling skills:)
    there used to be a free app to do this by entering numbers in the old programmable hp calculator i used in high school in the seventies.
    it was the first computer game i ever played--before pong-- and it taught me how to program a rpn calculator. it was right in the back of the calculator manual.

    i hope the developers here didn't have a tough time adapting that old project to the iphone framework.

  • Jim

    Haha a tough time adapting it? Nahhhh - the only real difference is that the iPhone has a slightly higher screen resolution, that's all. :-P