Mac vs. PC: This Time It's Personal


mac vs pcI've really enjoyed watching the escalating advertising campaigns by Microsoft and Apple. What started as a playful "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC" banter has turned into ads that actually seem to be speaking back and forth to each other.

The original ads aired in 2006, but over the last year the on-air dialog between the two companies has really heated up.

Apple: I'm a Mac and I'm creative and cool.

Microsoft: Look away from the shiny Mac. Hey, over there! It's Seinfeld.

Apple: Vista, Vista, Vista (Don't say the V-word)

Microsoft: I'm a PC and I wear headbands.

Apple: You spend to much on advertising! Poke, poke.

Microsoft: Oh yeah. I got your advertising right here!

The back and forth tv ads for these two personal computer giants has gotten more direct and more personal. The ad teams respond to each other like presidential candidates in a debate. In fact, not to disrespect the democratic process, but the mac/pc debate is more fun to watch.

Now Microsoft is taking the rivalry to the edge by showing up on Apple's turf. The article posted on shows Microsoft setting up camp with kiosks outside the Apple store in Birmingham, England.

Can't wait to see what's next. Maybe Apple ads on all new PCs at start-up... something along the lines of "If this were a Mac, you'd be online already."

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  • Joe Shmoe

    I have always been a pc user as well, but lately I have been quite impressed with Apple. They have come out with amazing products. Im not sure I'm ready to make the switch though because it'll be hard getting used to the way apple computers work.

  • Futureminded

    Ron Paul would vote for a Mac over a PC haha

  • CruntchGuy

    I like the ease of using a pc and the abundance of products and pc support. Apple is so trendy hopefully one day we'll be able to merge the two!!

  • wunderkind

    no way. apple and dell will never unite

  • Rosa

    I'm a pc user. but i think that macs have really cool apps. the thing is that so many programs just aren't designed for use on a mac. i really wish that the two could merge so that we'd have pc colors and mac operation. pc widespread usability and macs hi tech coolness.

  • Cenk

    Well the apple ads started out cute, pretty much a spread of misinformation by over exaggerating simple pc flaws that don't exist anymore. so MS starts doing this and now they are the bad guys? The article screams bias.