Macworld 2009 Update: Editor's Picks Part 1


We're at Macworld slogging our way through aisle after aisle in the search to bring you the best new iPhone products on the market (or an their way to market). It's tough work, but your worth it.

We'll be back to business as usual in a few days and we'll present a complete over view of the show. Until then, here's a few of our favorites from yesterday to whet your appetite.

Wazabee 3D cases and screen overlays bring the magic of 3D to your iPhone, iPod touch or other electronics. Using the 3Deeshell users can create or watch 3D video and photos without the need for special glasses. The cases won't be available until March, but the apps are already in the App Store. So, if you do happen to have special glasses then you can take and view pics using their 3DeeCamera.

ECOcal for iPhone and iPod touch is not a calendar in the traditional sense as it doesn't keep track of your dates or allow users to enter any information at all. It's goal is to "reconnect you to the natural world like never before." Using a continuous screen, users can scroll through the entire year. Tap any of the gorgeous hand-drawn animals, weather events, or flora to access "hundreds of facts about plants, animals, moon and stars." ECOcal has been around for 5 years but only recently made its way to the iPhone.

TrueFlirt. Viximo wants iPhone and iPod touch owners to "flirt with style." Building off the idea of virtual goods, such as the gifts facebook users send each other, Viximo is building a new way to express your interest in that cutie you just met. TrueFlirt will come with 10 "flirts" which can be sent to other TrueFlirt users. For the truly flirty, additional flirts can be purchased in more than a hundred different styles. TrueFlirt is in the App Store now, but the additional flirts and the userbase are still growing. This is definitely an app to watch.

We're off again to see more, learn more and bring back more cool apps and gadgets and gizmos. Look for another update tomorrow.

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  • Shaun

    Looking forward to your full impressions, would love to have been able to make it to the expo.

  • Viximo

    AppCraver selects TrueFlirt as an Editor's Pick: