Macworld 2009 Update: Editor's Picks Part 2


Another day at Macworld and this time we hit the south hall of Moscone Center in search of even more good news from the iPhone front. Today, we're showcasing three more of our favorite finds. As before, look for more in-depth coverage to follow in the near future. For now, enjoy the very latest...

Hear Planet. Hear Planet is the cool cousin you like to visit because they always know the best places to hang out. They celebrated their launch into the App Store at Macworld and are already seeing several thousand downloads a day. Hear Planet is a sight-seeing app that provides point-of-interest information that can be listened to on an iPhone or iPod touch. They have more than 230,000 listings worldwide and are working partnerships to expand the list even more. To show how well they know their stuff, the Hear Planet crew chartered a bus to shuttle Macworld attendees from party to party — complete with DJ and bartender. Yup. Hear Planet can plan our vacation any day.

TV Show Showdown. There are two companies vying for the chance to help iPhone users channel surf from their device. Slingbox and Tubestick have several things in common. Both will let you broadcast your tv signal — including cable or satellite — over Wi-Fi to your iPhone or iPod touch and browse/switch channels. However, there are some differences. Tubestick lets you schedule recordings directly to your computer or the cloud to access later. Slingbox can interface with your tivo account to schedule recordings anytime, from anywhere. We'll take a look at both and let you know more soon.

iToner 2. Ambrosia Software builds upon their tool for easily adding ringtones to you iPhone without jailbreaking your device or paying per song. With drag-and-drop simplicity, users can take MP3, AAC, WAVE or AIFF audio files and create their own ringtone, then upload it to their iPhone. iToner has been around for a while, but with iToner 2 Ambrosia is including a collection of more than 40 ringtones to get you started and new technology for improved sound quality and song cropping. Sweet.

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