mAdvNote is a Simple but Flexible Note Making App

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

madvnote-iphone-appmAdvNote - It never ceases to amaze me how many different ways developers come up with for taking notes on iPhone or touch. It is a well-established fact that I am not a note-taker or list-maker, but once in a while I run across an app that makes me think I could be. With mAdvNote, I have discovered an app that I actually intend to use as something entirely different than what it was probably designed to be used for, but I think the point of mAdvNote, a nifty little combo app with a bizarre little name, is to be flexible.

Developed by the Mcleaner Team, mAdvNote allows you to use pictures, text, voice, and doodles, or any combination thereof, to create a single note file. At first I was confused by the whole interface of mAdvNote, trying to discern what I was supposed to do with it. With all pre-conceived notions of note-taking  out of my head, I realized I could do whatever I wanted. I could make myself a note, I could take a picture and caption it, I could record a sound clip, I could draw a picture, or I could do any combination of those things.

With each new note you create, you have the option of taking a picture, writing a note as text, drawing out a concept, and recording a note (not an option for iPod touch unless you have a mic). If you happen to be a regular note maker/taker and prefer simplicity, mAdvNote may be a bit excessive for you. That’s not to say you can’t just type out a quick note and save it, but mAdvNote is a bit more sophisticated.

To take a note, simply tap on the “add” button at the top of the Notes page. You can assign a title and a tag and then tap the text box field to insert the note. If you choose to add a picture, tap the camera icon and snap away. If you choose to insert a voice message, tap on the microphone icon. To insert your own doodle or drawing, tap the brush and paper icon. Here you can select a brush width and a primary or secondary color from the paint pallet. It's kind of hard to draw in this mode, as even the finest brush stroke comes off a bit wide, but it works for a quick doodle. When you have finished inserting all of your selected options, tap the “save” button.

While for some a picture/text/voice/doodle note may seem excessive, bear in mind it doesn’t have to be used for simple productivity. I personally have decided that mAdVnote would make a nice little iPhone scrapbook. Sure I’ve had apps that lets you organize and tag pictures, but I particularly like the idea of making voice recordings to go with the pictures and captions. I’ve not had an app that allows me to insert voice messages with a picture yet and I kind of like the idea. The recording quality is not exactly five star, but it’s not bad either.

Since you are not limited or pigeonholed into creating specific notes, but rather can choose which way you create it, I give mAdvNote some kudos for flexibility. It is fairly intuitive and user-friendly and has a search option for finding saved notes. When you finish with a note, you have the option of emailing it, but for some reason only the text portion sends – the photo and audio portions are seemingly absent from the email, which I do consider problematic.

All in all, mAdvNote is a pretty creative note-taking app. An all-in-one solution? Not quite; but if you’d like to check it out for free before you buy, mAdvNote Lite lets you create and save up to three notes as opposed to an unlimited amount for this $1.99 version and it’s a good way to decide if mAdvNote meets your approval.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • fgkul

    Tried, very nice stuff!
    I like the doodle one,interesting, and I can move the picture and text with touching the screen.
    Yeah, flexible, as you said