Mafia Wars Shakedown Goes to the Mattresses Again

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Zynga is at it again, this time with a rebuffed free-to-play style game coined Mafia Wars Shakedown. If this type of multi-player genre fuels your gaming engine then strap in because it's time to go to mattresses. That's right, this ode to organized crime continues to be one of the most addicting games available and rightly so since this genre is well-known for its ability to lock the gamer in for hours of gameplay trying to complete tasks while earning fagiolis and experience.

All of these tasks, money and experience are hugely helpful in building the character's levels of defense or attack. Because ultimately, these are the attributes that will help the gamer make it another day without swimming with the fishes.

If you're new to the series then Mafia Wars Shakedown will be a completely new and rewarding experience. If you've played Mafia Wars before then you'll find a lot of similarities between the gameplay, but the newer version is very much so an entirely new experience and offers a great deal of value. For instance, the visuals have been re imagined and feel like they're straight out of some graphic novel that has a heavy emphasis on caricatures.

As for specific gameplay, now gamers can relieve their fellow players of "collections" or items the are earned. However, for those familiar, battling an opponent is about the same, but now they can throw a couple of goons on top to sweeten the pot and increase their chances of taking their opponent out. Once they've amassed all of the winnings it's up to them to keep other dirty hands out of their stash by using the limited bombs. One of the most essential aspects of the game is to build up the mafia by inviting friends to join in an effort to battle it out to the most collections.

The player must be connected to the network at all times or the game simply won't work so make sure to stay within cell range. And of course, what's a mafia game without some serious weaponry? Mafia Wars Shakedown has over 50 weapons, armor and vehicles such as the Supersonic Crossbow and Flying Car to choose from. Of course, the player must outwit their opponents in strategy to gain enough fagiolis to pay for such items.

Mafia Wars Shakedown is a solid addition to the Zynga family of free-to-play games, especially if you're new to the genre. Even those familiar with the style will find the new visuals, addition of collections and new gear refreshing.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Drogan

    Is this another Mafia Wars game or an additional feature for the new one?
    *confused* lol
    Do you have to pay for it?
    I'm addicted to Mafia Wars but my mum won't allow me to get another paysafecard for facebook this month...

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  • Killer

    Is anyone else getting kicked out of the app when they go to Battle or try and pick an Ally? Seems really touchy. I sent Zynga an email.


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    As above, Killer, keep getting kicked out of app
    can't battle with Boss:Grigori Kazlov, Westminster Abbey,
    as soon as i buy something from store, crash, Visit My Mafia, Crashes, sent lots of emails to zynga support, there as much use as a chocolate fireguard, were looking into it, i'm glad i don't spend money on this game i'd b well p**sed

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