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Magic Eyeball
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magic eyeball iphone appMagic Eyeball - One of the very first reviews I ever wrote for AppCraver was of an application called MyEye, which features a giant eyeball and which scared the bejeezus out of me. So now, as I review Magic Eyeball by Joy Entertainment LLC, I'm once again confronted with a big old creepy eyeball. On the plus side, this one isn't nearly as spooky-looking. (Whew!)

Magic Eyeball isn't a bad app. It runs smoothly and does exactly what it offers. It's just that what it offers isn't really very interesting past the eighth grade. Much like the classic Magic 8 Ball, the eye provides answers to yes-or-no questions. With Magic Eyeball simply touch the pupil and an answer will appear, ranging from a "Maybe" to my question of whether I'll ever get to make out with my celebrity rockstar crush (yay!), a "No Way" to my ever winning the lottery (bummer!), and to an "Of Course" to whether I was having sushi for dinner tonight (which I already knew, but I ran out of interesting questions).

And... that's about all, really. If you're looking for a portable Magic 8 Ball (well, I suppose actual Magic 8 Balls are fairly portable, but nonetheless...), Magic Eyeball should do the trick. If you're hoping for something to really kill time or provide entertainment, you should probably keep on looking past Magic Eyeball.

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