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Magisto - Magical Video Editor
Developer: Magisto Ltd
Price: free Download on the App Store

magistoLike the look of fun video montages but don’t like to take the time or make the effort to do it yourself? Let Magisto – The Magical Video Editor do the work for you. Select a video to upload, choose a theme and a background song and “Poof!” – just like magic your video will be created with the touch of a button. Magisto may not provide the amazing custom edits that video majors might be accustomed to creating, but it does do a pretty good job of splicing together the best bits of video and overlaying them with special effects and sound for a unique video clip that users can share with friends and family.

Magisto uses videos on your iPhone’s camera roll or lets you take new video on the spot. With a video selected (the app prefers one of at least 45 seconds in length, but shorter footage can be used), select from one of the 10 default editing themes and then choose one of the available soundtracks for that theme. Magisto takes only a few clicks and then creates a uniquely designed video edit.

The app works by “analyzing” the selected video footage, but because it’s done for you, certain video footage may not be completely ideal. In other words, Magisto might not recognize moments of poor quality footage –such as momentary decapitations or out-of-focus actions – and may select those images for use. In most cases though, a fairly good quality video will result in a nice automatic edit. Creation time takes a while – especially if you use the “higher quality” setting in place of “faster upload.”

Despite its “stock” video editing capabilities, Magisto is super easy to use and requires very little effort to turn plain video footage into a great little montage of effects. No video editing knowledge or experience is necessary to use Magisto, making it the ideal video editing app for all ages and skill levels. With effects ranging from stylish to classic to just plain fun, nearly any moment captured on video can be turned into a clever creation worth sharing.

Overall, Magisto is a fun, simple and effective video editing tool that anyone can use. Though an account isn’t necessary to use Magisto, users who login with Facebook or create an account have access to additional features, like album organization and community sharing. New users should be sure to turn on push notifications to allow the app to notify you when video creation is done.

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