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Mail2Group - Send email to groups
Developer: Javid Alimohideen
Price: free Download on the App Store

mail2group iphoneIf you often need to send emails to more than a few people in your contacts list at the same time, then Javid Alimohideen's Mail2Group fills a gaping hole between iPhone Mail and Contacts.

Mail2Group is an adjunct to the iPhone's native email app. You can organize your contacts into groups and manage your groups in a variety of ways. With Mail2Group you can send an email message to everyone in the group, send email messages to only some people in the group, and you can decide to use the same or other content in the subject line for the same group.

You can sort your groups alphabetically, copy them to form new groups and set "copy" and "blind copy" to the people in the contacts that comprise the group.

In Settings, you can set a confirmation before launching your email, which might keep you from accidentally emailing all your co-workers your opinions about the new boss. Settings is also where you can also choose to sort your groups by name or to leave them in the order you created them.

Mail2Group is one of those apps that should have been included with the iPhone and that's probably going to happen sooner or later. However, it's hard to imagine that Apple could come up with any features that aren't already in Mail2Group. Alimohideen seems to have thought of everything. I didn't encounter any bugs either.

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  • NeXT2Mac

    Now there's another way to do group emails and a whole lot more. It's a new iPhone / Ipod Touch app called "Say it & Mail it" that lets you send voice recorded messages, has the option to attach photos and/or Google maps, and emails everything to single users or groups. It's really quick and easy to use and I love it!