MAKIBISHI COMIC has fun, but bizarre, gameplay

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

MAKIBISHI COMIC iPhone appMAKIBISHI COMIC - If you ever had the desire to reach out with your finger and poke robot ninja comic book characters into action, then your favorite app ever has just arrived.

MAKIBISHI COMIC has the loud and flashy illustrations of an Anime flick complete with awkward dialogue that reads like it was poorly translated into English.

MAKIBISHI COMIC (the developers list the app's title in all caps) will hold the most appeal to heavy followers of the aforementioned genres. The purpose of the game is to find the five robot ninjas (who appear to have borrowed Max's outfit from Where the Wild Things Are) hiding in Robot Ninja's Village. They are hiding from assassin ninjas who are, of course, seeking to assassinate them. The gameplay involves tapping on the characters inside a comic-book like sequence in order to have them act out the unfolding drama.

For example, in one scene you must manipulate a battle between monkeys and the robot ninjas. Doing so involves trying to figure out which character to tap on next and how that will impact the storyline. Some of the animation is actually quite good and entertaining. Who can resist a series of larger and larger monkeys who appear to fight a wild boar. If MAKIBISHI COMIC is anything, it is certainly not boring. Prepare yourself for a giant robot, a ninja who floats on a cloud wanting a shower, and a grandfather clock that controls time.

The downside is that playing the game sometimes dissolves into tapping mindlessly on the screen to try and make something happen. Some of the action sequences you create make sense — others don't. And the further you make your way through the game, the more bizarre the storyline gets.

One upside: the app is free until Christmas Day. So if wacky comic-book style ninja action is what you are looking for, hit the App Store and download it soon.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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