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ProCreative Golf 10
Developer: ProCreative, Inc.
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Users can view, edit and email scorecards from Procreative Golf.

An increasing number of golf apps are hitting the App Store, giving golfers some pretty crafty tools to carry with them on the course. Procreative Golf is another great one to consider, though it depends on what courses you frequent if it will be truly worth it.

Procreative Golf lets you keep track of your round and can also use the iPhone's GPS capabilities to be your personal iCaddy. If your battery can survive, and if you find the right course, it can make for an excellent combination.

Setting up your profile is pretty easy, with the ability to customize what clubs you carry in the bag. The first step is to find the course you plan to play - which is one of the few areas  in Procreative Golf 09 that could use some growth. You may find your course is not included, or lacks GPS support (this limits some of the functionality in marking shots and calculating distances). Fortunately Procreative Golf wants you to do something about it. There is a link to tap that goes to the developer's web page where you can put in the name of the course and request for GPS support to be added in. Procreative Golf boasts of support for 14,000 courses with 1,500 including GPS support (more are promised to be on the way). While that is a pretty sizable amount at launch, some mid-sized community ZIP codes did not show a course in the Procreative Golf system. Given the pricetag, it would be worth checking on the developer web site first to make sure there are enough courses where you play to make a purchase worthwhile.

Procreative Golf can be used to manage your game through tracking your shots. This works especially well with the GPS enabled so you can look back after a round and analyze where you went awry. The scoring features are very easy to use, making Procreative Golf 09 a great way to keep score and eliminate the need for that infamous golf pencil; which is small enough to always get lost, yet sharp enough to poke  your leg while playing. Turning the iPhone on its side pulls up a traditional scorecard view if you want a different outlook on the round information. If Procreative Golf grows and continues to add courses and features it could truly be a must-have for the golf enthusiast.

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