Mardo's Music Trivia is Fun but Not Comprehensive Enough

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Mardo's Music Trivia
Developer: Intersphere Communications LTD
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mardo's music triviaMardo's Music Trivia by developer Intersphere Communications is a great idea for all the music lovers out there. If you find yourself in a situation with time to kill and you like music and popular culture, a trivia game spanning numerous music genres seems like a perfect time-killer.

On a long road trip recently, I put the music trivia game to the test. For the first 3-4 of the overall 10 rounds, Mardo's Music Trivia performed and it was a good way to entertain a group of people who are stuck in a car. But the fun wears off too quickly because although the trivia game offers about 250 music questions, they become somewhat repetitive in nature and fail to offer enough fun facts.

The lite version is free for anyone who wants to check Mardo's Music Trivia out before committing to the full version. Mardo's Music Trivia is definitely fun but the good times would last longer with more diverse questions in a larger quantity. It's a start — with room for improvement.

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  • Roxy22

    Fun for road trips and in-class time at school!

  • rxCaptain

    This is a fun game but it does repeat pretty frequently

  • JoshPratt79

    Music trivia is a bowl o cherries if you ask me. Nothin better on a Sunday afternoon