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Master Pieces: The Curator's Game
Developer: Ballast Lane Applications, LLC
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master pieces the curators game for ipadArt aficionados who want to challenge their skills will enjoy Master Pieces: The Curator's Game.

It is part art quiz, part portable art gallery.A large collection of artists' biographies and paintings are there if you just want to dust up on art history. Or for a more challenging option check out three games within Master Pieces; each more difficult than the other. First is "study then guess," which presents six paintings for you to stare at; then you choose the correct artist from among snippets of their work.

A slightly more difficult challenge is "match three details." In this game you must choose which three out of 12 slivers of a painting belong to the same piece of artwork. Finally, "guess the artist" is for those who know their stuff. The only clue here is part of a painting and from that you must choose which among six artists is its creator.

For those just wanting to learn more about art, the gallery section in Master Pieces: The Curator's Game is a great place to do this. There is a brief biography and then a sample painting from artists such as Vincent van Gogh, Mary Cassatt, Francis Danby and Edgar Degas. The painting includes its title, style as well as in which museum it is currently housed.

The bios are pretty brief, so if you want to learn more head on over to Wikipedia. A larger selection of paintings from each artist would also be beneficial. One could imagine a listing of not only the other paintings but in which museums an artist's work could be found.

The developer includes an interesting introduction that gives background on their work at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York as well as how the games came to be. In all Master Pieces: The Curator's Game is an excellent option for those who have an inclination towards art history.

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