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Match - Dating App to Chat with Singles
Developer:, LLC
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Matchcom for iPhoneIf you don’t have time to date and you’re already hip to sites like it’s now on available on your handset. tries to bring everything that you love from the site to their new iPhone app.

As a member you have access to 15 million singles, you can edit your profile, take pictures and get your mail all on the move. The premise doesn’t seem very difficult especially if you’ve used Twitter, Twinkle or any other mobile social networking program. There are some problems with There are two pretty obvious issues with the app functionality and fees.

From the beginning was pretty difficult to use. The application wouldn’t scroll down far enough to let me register. After restarting the app about three times it froze. The 4th time I started up I finally reached the home screen.

In order to set up the service you must create a profile between 200 and 1000 words. After this you can search for people in your area. You can see who has viewed your profile and check your inbox for any messages. Trying to search through the profile pages took ages. It even took a long time when I was utilizing at home on a fast Wi-Fi connection.

Someone should give kudos to the developers of for making the interface colorful and pretty. There are nice dark, pale and muted blue colors in the interface. And everything is visually in an easy place to spot. If you’re just signing up to you’ll have to remember that everything you do on the site has to be approved so expect a little bit of wait before you can find the love of your life. This is not a free service. You’ll have to become a full paying member of the site to actually use the full range of services and that can range anywhere from $39.99 to $20 depending on the plan you choose. There may also be a fee for using the mobile version too.

Notwithstanding the fees, the biggest complaint I had with is how buggy the app seems to be. I had to restart about 10 times total to try to get the full value of what it could do. As a miniature version of the desk top site it’s supposed to do so many things well and some even better. It’s a shame that users will probably become frustrated and turn to something else.

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    I recently tried the iPhone app and liked it. It crashes occasionally, I think it is caused most often by an unhandled gesture. - doubletapping a photo often crashes it - but I prefer it to the main interface.

    I don't know if I would try to register INITIALLY using it - my profile had already been created - but for an active, paid profile (ok not paid it was in trial still), I was pretty happy with the iPhone functionality and interface. I got quite addicted to it, constantly being shown who had looked at me, immediate ability to email anyone, able to quickly and easily view dozens of matches and (not all but most ) of their photos all in my handheld!

    It's so addictive, I'm thinking hard about extending my membership even though I don't really think I'm that interested in the dating!