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Math Pro
Developer: Larry Feldman
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Math Pro for iPhoneMath Pro was excellent in its first iteration at providing useful assistance for teachers and students of pre-Algebra and above. With its latest update, the advanced calculator approaches indispensable status for students of math.

Its standout feature is still its impressive database of formulas. Whether one is working to memorize them or just wants them as a resource, it is a great tool. It should be very handy for anyone taking high school or college level math. 

The resources are broken down by subject, such as Algebra 1, Probability or Trigonometry. Its most worthwhile update is a search function - now just type into the search bar what you may be after. You may need this, as there is an impressive amount of math topics, formulas, and concepts contained within Math Pro. For many formulas just plug in the number, set the specific parameters, and let the iPhone app do the work.

In other cases it may be a great reminder to review how specific problems are calculated or what some of the background information is.

In its previous form the lack of search was the only really missing feature. With this addition Math Pro gets even more powerful and is worth the $1.99 price for someone looking to have an accessible math tool on their iPhone or iPod touch.

It easily is the best resource for higher-level math in the App Store. Read our previous review of Math Pro to see why this app scored 5/5.

Does anyone know the formula for a top-scoring app that gets even better?

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    Great.. I like it :)