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MazeFinger Plus
Developer: ngmoco, LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

MazeFinger game for iPhoneMazeFinger is a lightning fast maze game that puts your kinesthetic skills to the test and is a great app for some speedy, mindless fun.

Gameplay involves racing through a maze with your finger against a clock. Alongside the maze are two electric rods that run along the sides of the screen. These rods act as your timer. In MazeFinger, the longer your finger is holding down the energy ball, the more power it drains.

There is a way to earn back some more time. Some of the mazes include an electric bolt icon in your path. Slide through these to earn more time as the electric bars fill up with more energy. After obliterating the maze, a robotic voice judges your performance. It announces either "Awesome," "Great," "Okay" and "Weak." After a few rounds your performance is reviewed and summarized on-screen before moving on to some more challenging mazes.

In the early rounds it is pretty much a straight shot with only one or two turns to get to the finish line. But the more MazeFinger progresses, the more twists and turns you have to weave through to finish the maze. And the longer the maze is, the faster you should go in order to drain as little time as possible.

Mazefinger makes good use of the iPhone's touch screen. I found that pressing too hard on the screen made it more difficult to register your location. But overall it is quite responsive and accurate for tracking a path through the maze. Although do expect a sore index finger if you play through the mazes for a few too many rounds.

MazeFinger makes for a good way to spend some time on a game that is fun, challenging, but not all that complex. It is similar to Tap 'n' Slide in its focus on finger swiping one's way to success.

As a free app, MazeFinger is a steal!

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