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Developer: Giuseppe Guerriero
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mwcr iphone racingHave you ever played Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off-Road arcade game? If so, then you're probably like me in that you absolutely loved that game and its top-down racing style. Of course, I like most all racing games and that's why I was eager to jump into the driver seat of Mini Car World Racing (MCWR), another top-down racing game.

What's refreshing about MCWR is that it's all about the racing. There are only four menus between you and your first race. This is especially important in a world where freemium is the name of the game and the only way to get into playing is to purchase a bunch of add-ons through in-app purchases. It's frustrating, but luckily MCWR isn't. 

To start, you're dropped into a red racer that has decent speed, acceleration, handling and braking ... all of which definitely needs to be put through its paces a few times. More on gameplay shortly. First, you begin in the rookie skill level with the red car above as well as have to race at Swinley Forest in the United Kingdom.

Back to handling. It takes a few practice laps to get the hang of the ebb and flow of this style of racing. In one word, it's "touchy." Braking is touchy, handling is touchy, etc. So going into corners at breakneck speeds will abruptly put you into the no-no zone. That's not an industry standard term. I get it from when I talk to my kids. For instance, the stove is a no-no zone. Meaning, bad things happen. Well, anything off the track is a no-no zone in MCWR because once your wheel touches anything other than the track you lose all speed and all momentum and basically have a pretty good chance of loosing the race. My advice, lay off the gas on corners and stay away from the no-no zone.

Beyond the touchiness, the game is a lot of fun. Of course, who doesn't love racing mini cars? Package this style of mini racing with six worldwide places of "unique" beauty, 12 cars of power-packed racing, three game modes and two classes and you have yourself a bonafide fun racer. The graphics really pop (technical term) and make the gameplay that much better. Don't get me wrong, this is not an intense, build your car up and customize every aspect of your vehicle type game, but what it lacks in depth it makes up in just pure racing fun. Just get in, race, rub, rinse and repeat and build up your skill level as you go.

And at the grand price of free, MCWR is a no brainer recommendation to download. I give it nine awesome tires out of ten.

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