Measures Unit and Currency Converter Uses the Convenience of a Scroll Wheel

Measures - Unit and Currency Converter (AppStore Link)
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Measures - Unit and Currency Converter
Developer: Michael Neuwert
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

measures - iphone appsMeasures Unit and Currency Converter is an iPhone conversion app by German developer Neuwert Media, which includes all of the standard conversion categories but differs from other apps mainly in its interface and usability.

Measures has three scroll wheels (category, converting from, converting to) and numeric touch keys for value selection, it looks like a great tool but after trying Measures out, this interface makes conversions slightly more time-consuming than some other apps like a2zpro or Units. What most other conversion apps lack in comparison to Measures is the calculator function though.  With a simple tap of the screen the scroll wheel turns into a full calculator.

Once the units are selected there is a great feature that makes swapping back and forth between them very easy. You simply shake the iPhone and the two units will switch places.  There are great ideas in this app. Combined with increased user-friendly handling Measures could be the way to go for conversion apps.

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  • TheRealGomez

    I have tried a2zpro and I must say I was impressed, I wonder how this stacks up against it.

  • FirstTimeResponse

    "The currency converter for example, which is updated on a daily basis, is impractical when traveling since there is no option to save favorites. This results in the user having to scroll through the currencies every time a conversion is needed..'

    Actually, the review is incorrect. You can save favorites. I've used the program since it was released. It states right in the info to "Hold favorite key to assign it selected conversion type and units."

    I originally that scrolling through currencies to be frustrating but all you need to do is select the currencies and hold the Currency icon. Next time you open the app, select currencies, the favorite is stored.

  • Angela

    This app is great. Everything i would like in the converter is there. New update announced by the author looks also very promising.