Meltdown Pipe-building Game has Gorgeous Graphics

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

Meltdown for iPhoneThere seems to be an infinite amount of puzzle games that float through the App Store. And the bar is constantly rising as more of them flow into our hot little hands. Meltdown is an action puzzle game where the goal is to build a network of pipes to get the “nuclear waste” out of the city. Guide the toxic waste through all of the detox stations to complete a level. Cross shaped detox stations must be completely filled.

Here’s how to play Meltdown. Tap the pipe pieces in order to rotate them to build your network of pipes. Some of them only move in a couple of directions others can be completely turn around. There are two different modes of play. There is Mission Mode where you race against the clock to clear the level. And there is Puzzle Mode, the general play mode where you are challenged to build your network of pipes in the puzzle without time constraints.

The graphics in Meltdown are great and the design of the app is superb. There are dark and bright colors to really intimate the feel of the game and there is a lot of attention given to the small details.Meltdown didn’t freeze at all during game play, but the load time feels a little long. There are lots of sound effects that feel appropriate for the game environment but after awhile they feel a little annoying. Users can also choose to listen to tunes from their music library.

Meltdown is challenging but not right away. Had I not continued past the first 6 levels I would have gotten boring really quickly. I am not sure that Meldtown is as much about brains as it about patience.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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