Memory + Adds a Few Twists to a Tired Genre

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meromy+ match game pack
Developer: Pearl Fisher Games
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memory-plus-concentration-board-game-iphoneMemory +, from Pearl Fisher Games, is similar to Concentration, where the trick is to flip card or boxes and recall the image on the opposite side and then pair it with an identical image hidden elsewhere on the playing board.

It's a traditional memory game, of which there are several already in the App Store. Memory + takes the concept another step forward with four modes: singles, couples, mixed and classic.

In singles mode and mixed modes, the task is to find a single object among pairs (in other words, find objects without a mate). In couples and classic, the task is to find matching pairs. In couples, you're directed to find a specified number of pairs (one, two or three). In classic mode, you have the options to set the table size from 4 x 3 to 6 x 4.

You play against the clock or by having the fewest number of mismatches possible.

The sound effects when you tap cards and make matches are simple but pleasant. One thing I like is having the option to choose one of three symbols sets (funny, sea and standard). I don't recall seeing that feature in similar games I've looked at.

The graphics, although quite simple, are polished and nicely rendered.

This is a well-worn concept, but Memory + tries hard to push its boundaries. In the end, however, it's just another match-up and most adults won't find it much of a big deal. Kids, on the other hand, will probably like it quite a bit. They'll find it both fun and challenging, especially with easy, medium and hard levels to play and the ability to change symbols sets.

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