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File Sharing
Developer: App Authors Limited
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memory stick iphoneAvailable in the App Store from Softalk Ltd., Memory Stick turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a portable drive for file sharing between computers. Functioning entirely on WiFi connectivity, Memory Stick is only going to work on WiFi networks — an aspect that could be misleading based upon Memory Stick’s icon and name. In other words, if you’re looking for USB connectivity, you’re not going to get it with Memory Stick. However, for $1.99 you definitely get your money’s worth.

Memory Stick enables users to upload files via Windows Vista, XP, Mac and your web browser directly to your device. Additionally, certain files, including pictures, Microsoft Office, Mac Office, .mp4 video files and .pdf files are viewable on the iPhone.

At first glance, it would appear that Memory Stick might convert your device into a direct-connect drive and it doesn’t, but I don’t believe the developer is intentionally trying to mislead. In all reality, Memory Stick does convert the iPhone/iPod touch into a file viewer and makes sharing files between computers easy enough as long as a WiFi connection is available.

The easiest way to upload files is via your web browser. When you are connected to a network with your iPhone or iPod touch, an IP address will be displayed on the screen within Memory Stick. Typing the provided IP address into your computer’s browser will allow you to browse files stored on the computer and submit them to your device.

For transferring files from one computer to another, Memory Stick does what it is supposed to do. I quickly and easily transferred music files, pictures, and Office documents from a friend’s laptop to my device, which I then brought home and transferred to my own computer. Surprised by the relative simplicity of it, I began thinking of practical applications I could use it for.

For me, the sharing of picture files was the first thing that came to mind. Though I suppose because of the WiFi requirement, it would be just as easy to have picture files emailed and then download them from email to my photos, but the images transferred with Memory Stick still remain easily accessible and viewable. However, to download them to my photos where they can be used with other apps, I have to transfer them to iTunes and sync them to my device rather than save them directly on the device as I do with emailed photos.

Aside from pictures and music files, which were easy to transfer, the ability to view certain files, like Microsoft Office (.doc, .docx, .xls, .ppt) and PDF files could prove quite useful. WiFi connectivity isn’t necessary to view files once they have been uploaded, a flexibility that touch users will appreciate. Viewing text documents isn't exactly convenient, but in a pinch, it works fine. It appears that you can designate folders for file organization, but I haven’t yet figured out that aspect.

There are no instructions provided within the app, but the information icon will take users directly to the Memory Stick support page with a plethora of information on how to use it. Though Memory Stick has its limitations, specifically the WiFi only access, they are by no means crippling limitations and the comparison of price to value earns this app a solid rating.

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  • RVP

    Awesome app. Easy to communicate with any desktop or laptop. Just add to network. The ip addess is always shown at the bottom of the app on start so there is no need to search. You only have to set-up each computor once then it's as easy as pie. File transfer is quick. You can even create folders. You have to do it on the desktop just like usual. I have a lot of apps and this is one of the top 3. I actually thibk that if you are using your own machines this is easier than a usb drive. It's wireless. It's also a .doc and pdf reader. Worth the price and more.

    FYI another great app is WinAdmin.

  • pierre

    Nice app. Really easy to use . Everybody should get it !

  • http://MemoryStick Don

    I have this app on My iphone But I can't seem to get Microsoft Office word to work When I drag the file to App then try and open it in I phone nothing their. I also tried using a zip file and nothing happens