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Mental Maths
Developer: Theodor Mueller
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Forget about buying those $1.99 flash cards from Wal-Mart if you or your child are in need of some multiplication facts work. Mental Maths by Trilliarden has a fun and exciting system for exercising your brain and improving mental math ability.

When playing, Mental Maths presents a series of math facts along with a puzzle. For each right answer, a portion of the puzzle is filled in. If there is a wrong answer those pieces go blank. By the end of each round the more right answers there are, the more complete the puzzle. It adds just enough fun to appeal to children, yet is not overly gimmicky as to turn off adults.

The math problems in Mental Maths range from simple addition and subtraction all the way to calculating percentage and greatest common divisors. Under the settings tab there is flexibility for making the math as easy or difficult as you want. There are four levels — one the easiest and four the hardest. There is also an option for a time limit while working on the math facts — either have no time limit or force yourself to think of the answer in as little as three seconds.

Another great feature in Mental Maths is the ability to create different users and save statistics. Little sister can have bragging rights over big brother by checking out the statistics section to show off how much better she is doing at multiplication. The stats are kept separately for each user, which is a pretty nice feature. In the future it would be great to have some sort of system in Mental Maths for showing how different user profiles have done in comparison to each other.

There really is a lot to like in Mental Maths. It is an excellent educational app that challenges both young and old. Mental Maths is a great buy if you have children, are taking a math class, want to brush up on your skills, or perhaps even enjoy math and want to get better.

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