Metal Gear Solid Touch Worthy of Hype

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Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment
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Metal Gear Solid Touch for iPhoneMetal Gear Solid Touch is the latest in a series of games from high-profile developers to hit the App Store. Metal Gear Solid Touch stays faithful to the franchise storyline while creating a gaming experience that feels at-home on the iPhone/iPod touch screen.

The gameplay was completely rethought from other Metal Gear Solid games in order to fit the platform. In Metal Gear Solid Touch there is no artificial control pad or buttons to hit; which generally have not worked well on other iPhone games. Instead you will be moving your finger around the screen to shoot your enemies. The controls are quite intuitive and make Metal Gear Solid Touch very playable.

Metal Gear Solid Touch centers on the franchise's main character Solid Snake, who has un-retired more times than Michael Jordan. He is again on a secret mission and must travel to different venues around the world to defeat his enemies. The storyline is fairly well detailed and includes considerable text interludes between action sequences, which will interest fans of the series. While playing you actually feel like this is another game in the Metal Gear Solid series, instead of a cheap port that has unfortunately been released by other franchises.

The gameplay in Metal Gear Solid Touch does not disappoint. Solid Snake is hunkered behind a sandbag barricade while enemies appear. To shoot, you move a trigger around the screen with your finger, then tap in rapid succession to fire. You better be quick, and there is a visual indicator that indicates so. Each enemy has a circle on it that slowly changes color to indicate they will start firing. If you have not killed the enemy in time, you have the option of ducking by taking your finger off of the screen. In later rounds the enemies appear farther in the background requiring greater accuracy. The only glitch in taking out enemies is that from time to time there is not enough screen real estate to move the target to where you need.

With Metal Gear Solid Touch there are also friendlies in the field, so you can not blast away without consequence. To refill your life, a series of cute creatures appear. Blast the froggy and your energy is replenished.

Complete enough missions in Metal Gear Solid Touch and you earn points to buy themed wallpapers. It is a nice add-on in an already great game from Konami.


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  • Shawn Leonard

    Good read!

    Played a bit of this game on a friend's iPhone, and it's amazing seeing Snake on the iPhone..

    My only lukewarm impression from playing is that the campy animations on the enemies themselves are reminiscent of Lethal Enforcers, another Konami game from the early 90s.