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metal slug 2 for iphoneRemember Metal Slug 2 for the NEOGEO? If you do, then you're in for a real treat as SNK has ported over the 2D run-and-gun game to iOS and Android devices, rounding out the series as the original Metal Slug and Metal Slug 3 have already been ported. What's interesting about this release is that SNK has included several new features in addition to all the original goodness.

Even if you're not familiar with the Metal Slug series, this arcade platformer packs a lot of fun and features a great cast of characters, including Marco, Tarma and two new female recruits Eri, a former super agent, and Fio the heir of a military family. Of course, your mission, should you choose to accept is to take down the General Morden's diabolical plan as usual. And while not all ports are created equal to a native-built game with the current system in mind, I have to admit Metal Slug 2 is as fun as it once was. It definitely brings back a bit of nostalgia, but also comes through in feeling fairly concrete on the newer mobile platforms. 

The new features, including being able to select any mission you've already cleared and take them for a spin in mission mode allows you to really explore and put each level through its paces so you can master it and achieve an even higher score. The controls are fairly responsive and I do appreciate the ability to move the buttons to your preference as well as the autofire option for maximum carnage.

Speaking of ammo, the new weapons are quite fun to unleash the furry with, including the laser shot and flame bottles (a favorite of mine). But wait, there's more in the form of a bipedal tank called the Slugnoid, an air arsenal vehicle called the Slug Flyer and my personal favorite the Camel Slug. The equivalent of the sea's dolphins with "frickin' lasers," the Camel Slug packs a fairly devastating punch with the Vulcan Cannon, but you'll have to wait until the desert stage for this one.

The new Metal Slug 2 iPhone port also has multiplayer action via Bluetooth. There are some very difficult levels so being able to team up and spread as many bullets and rockets as possible is a major plus.

Even if you weren't an avid Metal Slug 2 player back in the day, the new port with its old school graphics, nostalgic gameplay and new modern parts make it a complete blast to play on the iPhone.

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