Microsoft Developing an iPhone App


microsoft developing an iphone appYahoo News is reporting that Microsoft acquisition Tellme is developing a speech recognition/voice-activated search application for the iPhone for release by June.

The iPhone doesn't currently have speech recognition capabilities, so this could fill an important functionality gap for the iPhone. Say Where from developer DialDirections is another similar application preparing for imminent release.

It will be interesting to see if these applications are approved by Apple for inclusion in the app store, considering it looks like they might be adding this functionality to the iPhone themselves.

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  • microsoft rocks

    There is something called “mediocre mentality” who hate leaders, they want everyone to be mediocre. Just like there are haters for Schumacher, there are microsoft haters just because their success is little glaring to them.

  • JonG

    Tellme would be a great app if it leverages off your location

  • Josh H

    Apple should have added this functionality from the get-go.