Mike Lee to introduce PuzzleLotto on Monday


puzzlelottoMike Lee, developer of Tap Tap Revenge, is said to be introducing PuzzleLotto, his "brainchild", on Monday. Mike Reached out to us in a comment to an earlier post and said the following:

You should try reaching out to me sometime. You'll find I'm friendly and eager to talk about my team's projects.

I can help clear up some confusion. I wasn't telling Tap Tap Revenge "congratulations kid, you are the king of graphics." I was telling Louie that because the hi-res TTR screen shot he made was on the stage with Steve Jobs. It's a reference to Titanic, the whole king of the world thing. A bit hyperbolic, but life is short and words are fun.

I know I am annoyingly self-amazed sometimes. It's a bad habit that comes from years of hard living suddenly turned around. At the end of the day, I just want to do good work that people enjoy, and if I can help people doing it, all the better.

Whether I'm a pompous ass, lemurs, war, the economy — all these things are related. The world is a complicated place. I'm trying to figure it all out, just like everyone else.

In the end, Puzzllotto will be a hit or it will flop. United Lemur will change the world, or be a cautionary tale. In the end, there's little need to speculate."

-- Mike, we would love to reach out, but you didnt provide an email. Send us a note at fred at appcraver.com and we'll cover the launch.

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