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Minesweeper Classic
Developer: Aaron Voisine
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minesweeper-classic-iphone appMinesweeper Classic - For those of us who toiled away for hours in a cubicle at our Windows NT workstations, Minesweeper was one of the few solaces  in the drudgery of office life. Minesweeper still lives on in the current release of Windows 7. Now the addicting fun of Minesweeper Classic is available on your iPhone/iPod touch.

Minesweeper Classic comes in a free and paid version (which is currently only $0.99). Once I fired it up I was amazed at how much it resembled the original. Not that it was any sort of graphical feat to recreate it, but the retro feel and nuances of the game were very well replicated.

To play, tap on one of the squares in the grid. After doing so you will see a number that indicates how many mines are around that square. The goal is to survive without tapping on one of the mines. By doing a little math you will eventually determine where some of the mines are. Then you can "flag" those squares so you avoid self-destruction. Getting good at Minesweeper takes some practice and thinking, which is a nice break from some of the more mindless games and apps found inside the App Store.

Minesweeper Classic was very stable and includes enough customization options to whet your appetite for classic computer gaming. The squares were pretty easy to tap - but those with larger fingers might feel a bit frustrated at trying to hit the puny squares. There are also not too many options to customize the display or colors - but keep in mind that Minesweeper either free or $0.99.

Since the full version is currently on sale it is probably not worth optiong for the free choice, which has limited features and gameplay. If you are looking for a cheap game that will give some quality time killing, Minesweeper Classic is an excellent choice.

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