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share: at bat 2009 iphone At Bat iPhone app by is the perfect app for any baseball fan. If you need an up to the minute score, want to listen to a game, or see the highlights, you can do so right from your iPhone. Whether you are the casual observer or the full time fanatic At Bat makes it easy for you to satisfy any, possibly all, of your major league baseball needs for the entire season until the last out of the world series. At Bat has a host of features to make your experience a pleasant one. When you first open At Bat you see the days schedule. Including scores of any games in progress and start times of those yet to throw out the first pitch. On the bottom of that screen you will see the box score of one of the games currently in progress.

If you wish to listen live to a game in progress, simply highlight the game you want and select the Audio option. You will then have a choice of two different locations, (each teams radio feed), of which to obtain your stream from. Select one and At Bat will stream the play-by-play right through your iPhone. It should be noted that some stations go quiet during commercials or a breaks in the action. I found that annoying but it was easily remedied by switching to another station's feed.

You’ll notice an Extras tab at the top of the page. Tap on it and you’ll find seven other options to enhance your experience. Choose the Video option and view one of the 16 highlight videos via YouTube. The videos are remarkably crisp and clear, load fairly quickly and stream very well.

Other choices include Standings, At Bat in Safari, Tips/Support, MLB Mobile Jobs, Terms & Conditions and Settings. At Bat iPhone app is very user friendly and simple to use. Even those that seem to have difficulty navigating through some apps and programs can quickly locate want they are looking for. Yes, your grandpa can find his team and listen to the game just like he used to on his transistor radio.

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