MobAir: Pilot Training Launches as the Start of a Series of Flying Games

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

mobair-pilot-training-ipnoneMobAir: Pilot Training is the common shooter-on-rails where the gamer must soar past obstacles and shoot targets in a 3D-like environment. MobAir: Pilot Training is better than average, however.

What’s also interesting is that the developer plans to release the entire game in a series of apps starting with MobAir: Pilot Training and leveling up to successively difficult courses that require more skill to complete.

MobAir: Pilot Wars is next on the list and is slated to be released “soon,” according to Trippert Labs.

MobAir: Pilot Training aims to teach rookies how to fly well enough to earn a pilot’s license. What it takes is having to navigate eight levels and finish each course with a minimum grade of C. The training field consists of increasingly difficult courses with pylons and other obstacles. You also must shoot targets and stay within the canyon walls as they become progressively narrower.

What makes the MobAir: Pilot Training more complicated for me is that you also race against the clock. With obstacles, targets and clock as elements, there’s a lot going on simultaneously and I’m not as quick in hands or head as I once was.

The graphics are blocky and the frame rate stutters from time to time, but I enjoy playing it. Besides, I always find it hard to be negative about any free app, even one that's ad-supported, like MobAir.

MobAir has adjustable tilt sensitivity, which is a feature I always like to see. Other than that, in settings MobAir offers on/off for background music and SFX and an option for showing an animated intro.

Although it's not hard to figure out how to play, there’s an excellent tutorial to help you get started.

With the release of OS 3.0 next week, I wouldn't be surprised if Trippert Labs decided to opt for In-App Purchasing rather than as a series of MobAir: Pilot Training apps.

See MobAir: Pilot Training for yourself:

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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