Mobile Active Defense is a Watchdog for Your Inbox

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

mobile-active-defense-iPhoneMobile Active Defense wants to bolster your email security—if you're willing to watch endless tutorial videos.

The purpose behind MAD is to help catch and filter malware, phishing scams and other unsavory attacks on your inbox, only letting "pure mail" (their term) through. It does an admirable job of doing so and might be recommended for someone who lacks sufficient knowledge about these issues. But for most users this service will probably not be needed.

When firing up MAD for the first time there is a rather lengthy video that walks you through the basic features of the service. Tap anywhere you want. It doesn't matter—the video isn't going away. It can't be paused or sped up. You must sit and watch.

So, then you arrive at the settings menu, ready to put in the account information. Beware: another video awaits discussing the complexities of SMTP and other email intricacies. It is understandable that the developer wanted to avoid confusion by users. However, this inadvertently punishes the tech savvy and those who would rather try something out and then check out the tutorial section if needed.

For a premium price MAD will attempt to keep your inbox free of spam and any other nasty elements that could wreak havoc on your iPhone and data. It works with most major email providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! etc.) along with e-mail delivered through IMAP or POP. There currently is no support for Exchange, but the developers promise that is coming in a future version. If you try out the service and want to stick with it, an annual subscription costs $16.99.

One tip: be sure that after you have launched Mobile Active Defense for the first time and watched the obligatory video that you sign up for service. If for some reason you close the app at this point you must watch the entire video again. Enough to make someone, well, MAD.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • http://www.WinnSchwartau.Com Winn Schwartau

    The videos are unfortunately necessary due to the development restrictions in the iPhone/iPad environment. This burden does not exist in the Microsoft WinMob version or the upcoming Symbian and Android implementations. They all use Zero Footprint Technology, but there is less forced sandboxing in the non-Apple environments making installation FAR easier for both the nube and the tech savvy.

  • Rob Smith

    Maybe you didn't notice but there is a setting to skip all videos for the tech savvy user! It is in the settings application where settings are supposed to be at,