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mobilefiles pro iphoneEditor's note: MobileFiles Pro has been replaced by QuickOffice Pro.

I reviewed QuickOffice's MobileFiles (the free version) file transfer app for Apple's MobileMe iDisk not too long ago and I liked it very much. That's one reason I wanted to look at QuickOffice's newly updated MobileFiles Pro, which has some unique features for a file transfer app that go beyond giving you facile access to iDisk.

What makes MobileFiles Pro unique is that you can now view, create and edit Microsoft 2003 Excel files. The app also is capable of wirelessly shuttling files back and forth between the iPhone and the desktop and your MobileMe iDisk account. You can password protect your iPhone, which is a good thing whenever you connect to a wireless router.

If you're one of those left-brain thinkers whose life revolves around spreadsheets, then you've been probably lamenting the dearth of apps in the App Store to create and edit in Microsoft's Excel. AppCraver reviewed iSpreadsheet and the aptly named Spreadsheet a couple of months ago and found both of them lacking.

MobileFiles Excel's handling features are robust and the interface is streamlined. You can view, edit and create 2003 Excel files. You can only view Excel 2007, however. You have more than 125 Excel functions under your fingertips, according to the developer.

With MobileFilesPro's file transfer and Excel create/edit capabilities, you have a potent combination. No one is going to create fancy spreadsheets on an iPhone, let's get that off the table first. However, having the ability to easily take Excel spreadsheets off your desktop and put them into your iPhone to transport, review and make small changes can be invaluable.

The first thing that came to my mind was being able to review and modify spreadsheets while on the road and then uploading them to the desktop to print and share with others on the fly. You could also use this as a pocket calculator with preset functions to quickly track expenses and calculate profit margins, interest rates and other common financial tasks we all have to do at one time or the other.

For a head-to-head comparison of features read this article about Mariner Calc.

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