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moneypedia currency appMoneypedia is a new world currency encyclopedia created by Bokan Technologies that features in-depth information on a variety of currencies from five continents. Now you can discover the historical significance of what is pictured on a whole host of different foreign currencies right from the convenience of your iPhone or iPod touch.

When you open Moneypedia you default to the Featured section where images of different bank notes from around the world are displayed front and back. This section works much like a currency slide show that goes on continually scrolling through the large number of notes found in the Moneypedia library. If at any point there is a note that catches your eye, you can tap the little information "i" on the top right of the screen to stop the slide show and find out more details about the particular note displayed.

Beyond the Feature section there are a number of ways to search through the large library of notes found in Moneypedia.

First there is the Currency List where the individual bank notes are lined up alphabetically by country with the country name on the bottom right of the note. This makes for a nice display as you can view all of the enlarged notes in one continual scroll. Beyond that you can also search by Country where the bank notes themselves are thumbnail sized and the country is more prominent. Then in the Index section you can search based on numerical value.

With each search in Moneypedia, once you find a currency that you want to take a closer look at just touch it and you will be taken to a screen with the full range, from lowest to highest value, of that particular currency. For example, in US dollars you will see the range from $1 to $100, including the often illusive $2 bill. At this point when you click on a note you will find out all the juicy details: size, issue date, denomination, and descriptions of what and who is pictured on the front and back of the note.

Tapping into a curiosity that once roused is not soon dismissed, Moneypedia will catch your eye and keep you interested. For anyone with a fancy for foreign currencies or for anyone into colorful depictions of historically significant individuals from around the world, Moneypedia is a must have.

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