The Only Thing Missing from Monopoly is Bailout Money

MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition (AppStore Link)
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MONOPOLY Here & Now: The World Edition
Developer: Electronic Arts Inc.
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monopoly world edition iphoneMonopoly: Here and Now: The World Edition - Who doesn't know how to play Monopoly? You buy low, sell high. You buy properties you really can't afford in hopes you can flip them to someone who can. Sometimes you go to jail. And every now and then, you cop a lucky break with the equivalent of a lottery ticket to a better life. If all fails, the government comes along and gives you a huge bailout. Just like in real life.

Oh, wait, the bailout thing would make this game seem ridiculous instead of just plain fun.

Monopoly: Here and Now: The World Edition is a variation of the classic board game that's licensed by Electronic Arts from Hasbro. Instead of Atlantic or Park Avenue, here, you're vying to buy up wind energy and other utilities and famous cities such as Toronto, Paris, Riga and Shanghai.

Monopoly: Here and Now: The World Edition is a stunning rendition of the board game (I think it looks better than the classic version, in fact). The developers must have maxed out the iPhone to pull this one off so beautifully in looks and game play.

You start by choosing your playing piece: soccer ball, windmill, Easter Island statute or other object with an international feel. You choose the number of players and one of three difficulty levels. You can even choose the decor of the room or patio where you play the game.

You can play against the computer or against to up three players, including over a Wi-Fi network (maybe you'd like a little action at work). You set house rules for some aspects of the game: number of properties to start, houses per hotel, free parking, initial cash and so on.

The little guy with the top hat and white mustache appears at the start to give you tips on how to buy, sell, trade and auction properties. You really do need the rich dude around because if there's one place this game falls down, it is that could be more intuitive.

Shake the phone to roll the dice. Tap on a place on the board to get details about the property before you buy. I have no idea what currency you're playing with: It's something EA made up.

Keep stats of how much money you've earned, the highest numbers or hotels and houses bought, and records in the "Easy," "Medium" and "Hard" categories.

Settings include play name, genre of music (jazz, lounge or both), volume and sound effects.

If you're looking for the classic game, don't buy this one. This is the international edition and App Store users need to stop whining that it's not the classic game.

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