Monster Free Apps: A Scary Good Way to Find Free Apps

Monster Free Apps - Find free games and apps daily (AppStore Link)
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Monster Free Apps - Find free games and apps daily
Developer: TrekEight, LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Monster Free Apps iPhoneWant free apps with no strings attached? Heck, who wouldn’t want to discover freebies in the App Store? With Monster Free Apps and their mantra “So good it’s scary,” you have the opportunity to download paid apps for free. Monster Free Apps is a free app finder that sends users push notifications to notify users when paid apps become available free for a limited time. The app is made by the folks who power Monster Free Apps—the website of the same name.

The concept is simple – or maybe complicated if you care about the marketing strategies behind it. The bottom line though is that if you want to keep an eye on opportunities to download previously paid apps for free, then Monster Free Apps is one easy way to do it. The best part is there are typically more than just one app per day – often as many as four to choose from, ranging from games to photography and utility apps.

Monster Free Apps is designed to make finding those limited time freebies easy and effortless. Users receive a notification each day when new apps are added. You can check it out when you have time and even if you miss a day, previous apps that are still free are included under the previous apps tab. Scrolling through the list is quick and easy and if you see one you like, simply click the “get” button to be redirected to the App Store for download.

Based on screen shots supplied by the developer, previous freebies have included games like Fragger and Cover Orange, both good titles you may have missed or actually paid for. Other recent titles include Top 40 Radio, Instant Sketch, and Photo Beach Sculptures. Some titles are available for free as part of a new launch promotion by the developers and others are available free for the day only so it pays to check the list after the mysterious Max sends notification. Fortunately, Monster Free Apps launches quickly and checking the list only takes a few moments.

For those who love discovering new apps and appreciate a deal, Monster Free Apps is a terrific tool. The amount of money you save on apps depends largely on how often you purchase apps and how many you choose to download, but the “extras” menu keeps track of how much money you save by keeping track of how much you would have spent had you paid. An all in all fun way to discover hidden deals in the App Store, Monster Free Apps is a win-win for everyone.

Watch the demo video for more details about Monster Free Apps:

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  • RyoAnnaNews

    ★AppCraver Monster Free Apps: A Scary Good Way to Find Free Apps

  • Jen

    Monster Free Apps is awesome. I downloaded it 3 days ago after seeing your review and liked it so much I wanted to com back and say thanks! BTW, I have saved $21 in 3 days :-)

  • TheGooch

    How does this compare with BargainBin, FreeAppADay, and AppShopper? Better, same, worse?