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Monster Island
Developer: Miniclip SA
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If you’re craving more physics-based attack-style puzzle games, then you could do worse than to be stranded on Monster Island. Brought to you by Miniclip, the same folks that thought up Fragger, Monster Island is very much like its Fragger predecessor, but better. This time around, the characters are monsters, the weapons are varied, and the puzzles are more interactive.

Monster Island pits the good monsters against the bad. As the attacking monster, players must work out a solution to each level using a limited supply of ammunition “minis” to obliterate the enemy monsters. As you progress, new minis become unlocked and are switched up from regular explosives to sticky minis and rocks. Using one, or a combination of up to three different ones, players progress through over 100 levels spanning three islands.

With tutorials on the initial levels and intuitive touch screen controls, Monster Island is a truly engaging, pick-up-and-play game. While completion of each level is based on light physics and strategy, there is often more than one solution. The quickest and most accurate solutions will earn the most stars and the most points. Points can be used to unlock new attack monsters, purchase level skips, view solutions, or unlock entire worlds – an entirely pointless purchase since playing through each level to unlock the next is just too much fun.

One of the more in-depth includsions not always found in typical physics-based puzzles is the interactive landscape. With both moving parts and stationary ones, the Monster Island landscape is truly engaging. Some of the more difficult puzzles may take a bit of reasoning out, but don’t waste coins on viewing solutions because some of the monsters available for purchase actually have improved abilities like strength and aim. Thankfully, the variety doesn’t stop with the level designs and the monsters, but is also evident in the supply of ammo.

The inclusion of about 200 levels right off the bat also adds real value to this game, made all the more valuable by the fact that the game is monsterous fun to play. As an added bonus, new islands with more levels are in the works. A true bang for your buck, Monster Island is an ideal game for iPhone and touch. An equal, though albeit more expensive HD version is also available for iPad. If you plan to treat yourself to a new iOS game in the near future, don’t hesitate to put Monster Island at the top of your list.

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