Monster Madness HD is a Ghoulish Twist on Match Three Genre

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Monster Madness® HD
Developer: Merit Industries Inc.
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Monster Madness HD on iPadMonster Madness HD plays off the classic connect three puzzlers. However, it has a Halloween twist with ghouls, ghosts and goblins. I have to admit, I'm a big fan of these types of games, especially when they they have skeletons and Elvira's packing knives.

The point of the game is to eliminate boxes by matching like kinds in combinations of two or more. As the user touches the boxes, highlights matches and taps again, the goes blow up and are removed from the field of play. If the player removes all in a clean manner, meaning the last two boxes remaining are matching, then the player gets a bonus. This is key to climbing the leader boards on Game Center. However, if the last two don't match then more boxes raise from the ground, thus creating a more difficult combination to remove the boxes and complete the level. And the lock is ticking.

Monster Madness HD features two modes including classic and madness. Classic mode is as expected and features a level progression. Beat a level, move forward in difficulty. This mode doesn't get too difficult until about level four or five. And it doesn't get ridiculous until it changes the types of boxes at about level seven when bullets, brains and other random scary boxes appear to mix gameplay up.

If the user is looking for more intense gameplay right from the start then madness mode is the route they should take. Instead of having to wait for difficult gameplay, the player must keep the boxes under a certain height on the screen, which adds another element to the scariness of completing the level.

I found the gameplay to be very simple. Yet, I also found it to be very difficult as I progressed the the rounds. After a few passes, I found taking it a bit slower to figure out the best way to slowly take out combinations was the best strategy. This way resulted in more bonuses, such as bombs that take out a number of blocks at once.

And if the user wants to go beyond the iPad, Monster Madness HD is available on Megatouch machines in more than 100,000 locations worldwide. There are even local and national Megatouch tournaments.

For its ghoulish twist on the match genre, Monster Madness HD provides multiple rounds over 12 increasingly difficult and unique levels for a lot of fun and addictive gameplay. A great value at just $.99.

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