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Monster Pinball
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monster-pinball-iphone-appMonster Pinball - There's just something to be said for video pinball. Sure, it's never going to be as good as the real thing, but at least the objective is simple and even a pinball novice can enjoy a quick game without duress. Aside from the ergonomics, pinball video games also have some "monster" UI potential over their plug-in counterparts.

Handhelds seem better suited to pinball than consoles in my opinion, and while the iPhone has its share of options, Monster Pinball by Matmi is one option that pinball fans are likely to find appealing.

Monster Pinball features 3D graphics that are a tad "reminiscent" of a certain computer-animated movie, but lend a bit of fun and a great deal of visual appeal to the game. When combined with the physics of the game, Monster Pinball delivers smooth, polished, and surprisingly responsive game play.

One of the more unique and entertaining aspects of Monster Pinball is the different table fields the ball can be played on. There is the main table, which is where you start each game, but it is linked to five others, each with their own unique features and scoring opportunities.

Though each table has it surprises (my favorite is the Hogie Feed level), Monster Pinball also features solid and fun sound effects, multiple flippers, "hot ball" bonus point scoring, free ball, and tilt.

All of the staples of a good video pinball game are present, as well as a few features that raise the stakes a bit. The game keeps track of the high score and users can upload their high scores to the online scoreboard as well.

All features combined, the creators of Monster Pinball have pretty much nailed their goal of achieving a stellar handheld pinball experience.

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