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monsterabc-iphone-appMonsterABC – Keeping your little tyke occupied on long car trips and boring waiting rooms has gotten easier in the AI-era (after-iPhone). The App Store holds lots of fun and educational apps made especially for little hands still learning how to swipe and tap.

One of the newer edutainment apps to hit the marker is MonsterABC, an alphabet primer with a monstrously cute theme. The schtick is simple and well rehearsed: A is for Apple, B is for Bunny and so on. What MediaBrand does differently is the real story.

MonsterABC is an app that can grow with your child (or be shared by siblings in different age groups). The app has two flashcard-esque learning modules. Letters is the "A is for Apple" side and Words is a fill-in-the-blank game for the over-k crowd. A child's voice sounds out letters and words to combine auditory and visual learning and reinforce new information.

MonsterABC uses an easy tap control system so it's easy for kids to play alone and doesn't require any shaking — or dropping — that might cause parents to second guess a decision to let a three year old handle such an expensive device.

MediaBrand knows that they're not the only kids on the block when it comes to iPhone apps. The company website offers a couple value-added features that tie in with the game and make it more than just another app. Anyone, not just MonsterABC owners, can visit the website to download free coloring pages to match the Monster theme. In addition, MonsterABC users can download a free desktop version of the game (PC or MAC) with "enhanced features."

The "iPhone for Kids" department continues to grow — especially as families trade up to newer gadgets and have an extra phone available for young fans. MonsterABC is a well-designed app that does a good job of combining learning and fun. It's a game that tiny tots and grown ups can both agree on, for different reasons of course.

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  • Phyliss Flower

    I am a speech-language pathologist who works with preschool and school age children who have speech, language, learning difficulties. I also am a mom and grandmother. I loaded this app on my iphone with my 3 year old grand daughter in mind. What a disappointment. Whoever wrote this may have graphics skills but knows nothing about phonics. The voice pronounces several of the vowels all the same as "uh" (instead of the short "a" sound as in apple, or short "e" sound as in elephant). For starters, all the vowels have different sounds and those weren't even the correct ones. The consonant sounds were inconsistent, that is some sounds were correct and some not. A consonant sound should only be taught as the sound itself, not with a vowel sound attached or the child is not learning the true sound in isolation. So for example, "p" is not pronounced "puh" but should be pronounce "p" without using your voice. This app will teach phonics incorrectly. Do not buy it.