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MonTowers ~Legend of Summoners~ (AppStore Link)
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MonTowers ~Legend of Summoners~
Developer: Buffstone Co., Ltd.
Price: free Download on the App Store

MonTowers Legend of Summoners for iOSMonTowers – Legend of Summoners is an anime monster hunting game similar to Pokemon. If you are an anime fan or gamer looking for a new adventure to conquer than MonTowers may be the app you’ve been looking for.

With seven different towers and more than 500 floors for players to explore, Montowers offers plenty of new territory for monster-collection fans. The goal of the game is to get various styles of monster to add to your collection. Once you have collected the monsters in MonTowers you can use them to fight other monsters, and conquer each of the towers.

Each monster has a different power, so players can be strategic about which monsters they use to fight each other. In addition every monster has three costumes (available via upgrade) which increase their original powers.

MonTowers is a freemium-style game. Pay once to download and you can play as long as you want for free. Or, you can better your chances and move ahead faster by buying extra tokens via in-app purchase. Pay or play the only difference is how long it takes to earn upgrades.

The game is set up to feel like you are playing with a deck of cards, similar to Pokeman and other adventure cards games. The 2D graphics are great — colorful and sharp, even on high-res screens. The 2D gameplay stays true to MonTower's anime roots, and if you are used to the Pokemon style of play then MonTowers will feel very familiar. I've seen players have remark that the graphics are one of the best things about Legend of Summoners, and I might have to agree. This game is total eye candy.

The game is available for both the iPhone and iPad and works just as well on either device. However, I preferred playing MonTower - Legend of Summoners on the smaller iOS device, as it felt more like a card game and allowed for more control.

With so many levels, towers, monsters, costumes, tactical abilities, et al, Legend of Summoners is a world unto itself. I felt a little lost at times. Still this game is definitely fun, and as someone not familiar with the genre, I found more entertainment value than I originally expected. I can see how many gamers find MonTowers, and similar monster collection games, so addicting.

MonTowers Legend of Summoners is an engaging game. Collectors will have a blast building their army and fighting their monsters through the various towers and levels.

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  • Jignesh Padhiyar

    Sounds like a really packed game for 99c. The graphics look good enough... Are these supported on older iPhones too?