Moo Shake shakes a tail feather — and a cow belly and a cat head

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Moo Shake!
Developer: Oomph Technologies Pty Ltd
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moo shake iphone appMoo Shake - A martial arts zebra, a bandanna-wearing feline ballerina and a hula hooping cow? It's a curious combination, but sure, why not. These are just a few of the colorfully and imaginatively illustrated cast of characters that come together in Moo Shake, a children's mix and match game designed by MoGeneration for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Moo Shake is an educational children's game that challenges kids' ability to piece together a picture by swiping side to side along three horizontal panels. There is no reading or language element to the game, which makes it easy enough even for pre-reading or pre-verbal age users.

Tapping the icon or giving the instrument a couple quick shakes sends the panels rotating in opposite directions and sets off a cacophony of animal sounds (and one somewhat uncanny granny cackle). Each panel provides the head, midsection or feet of ten different characters from which to choose. Piece the panels together correctly and the character does a little dance.

While there are no specific settings to Moo Shake, players can play against the clock by tapping at the bottom of the interface. When Moo Shake is working correctly, you have 45 seconds in which to make a match and score. A second round starts at a 40 second countdown. The game will archive up to five high scores. In countdown mode, Moo Shake has a tendency to get stuck. If you start swiping the panels too quickly, the countdown freezes and you can't progress from one round to the next after completing the match.

That said, what kid doesn't like something that makes animal noises — Moo Shake is one of my 4-year-old's favorites. He just never tires of it.

Moo Shake is MoGeneration's first foray into the realm kid's games; the company has created several media and enterprise applications for other companies. MoGeneration will soon be releasing round two of its shake at kid's games; Look for Dino Shake to be released soon.

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