Moredays HD is a Creative Planner, but Needs a Few More Days to Become Polished

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Moredays HD
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MoreDays HDIf the idea of a creative and visual organizer/planner appeals to you, Moredays HD for iPad might be of interest. This organizer app is a combination daily planner, notepad and scrapbook. Moredays HD is designed to allow users to create tasks, events and notes with the same functionality as other organizers (such as setting reminder alarms) but incorporates the ability to add pictures, sketches and stamps so that each day’s activities are displayed in a creative, fun and visually appealing way.

As of the current version, 1.1.0, Moredays HD remains in a self-proclaimed beta stage and is awaiting feedback from users. Based on user feedback to date, it appears the biggest item on the wish list is for integration with Google calendar, a functionality that, according to developer information upon registration, is also in beta stage. Essentially, this means that current users may run into some bugs while familiarizing themselves with the app – but it’s a no risk investment, aside from time, because the app is free.

Moredays HD definitely has some potential as an event planner and task organizer with particular appeal to those who value creative expression. The general concept is to provide users with a planner that can be personalized and “dressed up” with photos, sketches and stamps. Moredays HD uses creative fonts and color schemes to enhance visual appeal and provides a variety of sketched icons and classic stamps to accentuate a task or event. The planner aspect takes on three different views – daily, weekly and monthly – and tasks, notes, events and contacts can be added with the tap of a button.

While Moredays HD is a potentially unique and expressive type of planner, its current functionality is definitely a bit “buggy.” Going back to the beta stage comment, there are several things that don’t seem to be functioning correctly or consistently. For example, when simply adding an item, a title can be quickly assigned, but the included sketches load very slowly and when tapping “my pictures” to add a photo library image, there’s no instant integration with the photo library as there should be. Another issue is the assignment of times for events; there are instances when the app won’t accept the selected number corresponding to the desired hour. Further, the daily view is the only one that displays properly, regardless of how far out you schedule events.

One of the features that does seem to work consistently and is very user friendly and appropriately integrated is the Google map function based on an event’s assigned location. For each event that you provide a location for, Google map displays said location alongside the details of the event. You can also add notes for each created event and save contact information for quick access – including Facebook and Skype interaction.

Moredays HD could certainly shape up to be a fun and creative day planner simple because it focuses just as much on images as text. My biggest complaints are the lack of proper integration with the photo library for adding images and the inability to see the week or the month at a glance. These issues are likely technical ones and could be a result of the app’s continuing beta stage. Provided that these issues are resolved and some sort of synchronization with another popular calendar system becomes fully functional, then Moredays HD could be an ideal planner for the more free-spirited and creative individual. However, those who are little more organized and rigid in their use of a planner or calendar would merely be frustrated at Moredays HD in its current state.

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