It's Mother's Day, Send your iFlowers and iCards (but don't forget to call)


Mother's Day, Send your iFlowers and iCards iPhoneIt’s nearly Mother’s Day and once again, new ideas have emerged for recognizing moms for all their love and all they do. The newest Mother’s Day app available for iPhone or iPod touch is Mother’s day, Send your iFlowers and iCards by ideas2mobile GmbH. A virtual flower shop, Mother’s day, Send your iFlowers and iCards lets you create your own bouquets and flower arrangements or select pre-made ones and then customize a floral greeting to email to Mom, Grandma, or whomever.

Though Mother’s day, Send your iFlowers and iCards was clearly focused on the second Sunday in May, it may as well have been called iFlorist or something equally broad. There’s no reason you couldn’t use this app to create floral greetings for any occasion, as it isn’t limited to Mother’s Day.

What you get is a selection of backgrounds, fonts, vases, flowers and greenery that you can drop and drag to create a custom electronic greeting with flowers. The graphics aren’t bad and the selections of tools to create with are pretty varied. The dimensions are a bit static, and by that I mean it’s difficult to create depth when arranging your virtual bouquet as it’s mostly overlay, but you can do a fair amount of creative things with enough practice, including make short words out of cut flowers.

I really like the potential of Mother’s day, Send your iFlowers and iCards, but I think it may need a bit of tweaking before it reaches it’s full potential. After initially downloading Mother’s day, I began playing with the creation tools and making my own arrangement, but the app kept crashing before I could finish. After restarting my device, it seemed this problem was fixed and I was finally able to finish an entire arrangement. The other problem I ran into was sending completed greetings. I emailed myself and two friends my final arrangement and though the app confirmed it was sent, none of us received anything. My connection appears strong, so I’m a little clueless about the results of this test.

What I do like is the fairly vast options for customization. There are over 25 backgrounds and flowers to choose from, a few different vases, and several font choices. You can’t change font size, but you can change colors. For multi-line text you have to create each line individually and drag and drop, which is a bit of a pain, but with enough practice, you can create a nice greeting fairly quickly.

Mother’s day, Send your iFlowers and iCards also lets you upload photos into your greeting and gives you the option of creating a recipient list within the app or simply access your address book before sending. You can also create arrangements anytime you're feeling creative and store them in the gallery for use in a later message.

For the price, Mother’s day, Send your iFlowers and iCards is a nice, easy way to create floral greetings, providing you have no trouble sending them. Let me be clear on one thing though, a virtual bouquet is a nice thought, but is in no way a substitute for at least calling Mom. Unless you’re married to a mom, in which case it’s best to pull out all the stops. Happy Mother’s Day!

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