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MotionX GPS Drive
Developer: Fullpower Technologies, Inc.
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MotionX GPS Drive for iPhoneGPS navigation systems are expensive and have become more of a commodity than an essential tool for driving. However, that's not to say drivers don't need them from time to time. And if they do, MotionX GPS Drive is the one they want.

Developed specifically for the iPhone, the navigation app turns the handset into more than just a point A to point B system. It turns it into a "Hey, what else is out there and I'd like to be told when I'm at the doorstep…" feature rich navigation master.When MotionX GPS Drive is launched the user is prompted to agree with the end user license agreement, similar to any GPS device, stating that the app should not be configured while driving. Phew, glad the legal jargon is out of the way. Now, onto the good stuff. Oh wait, there is another prompt. This time asking to be added to MotionX's database just incase there is a device change.

Now? Nope, there is then another prompt to download live voice guidance with spoken street names. The download is free for the first 30 days and at the end of the service there is no automatic charge.

Beyond the prompts there is a beautiful layout of navigation functions that make traveling near and far a breeze. Quick POI's (point of interest) such as dinning, airport, medical and more are easily accessible on the front screen and are situated around a sleek black colored interface. One tap and search results bring up the closest POI for that specific category.

One of the most useful features is the map view option that overlays the search results with the surrounding area and shows which direction the user is pointed in. It even has a Facebook Checkin shortcut, which came in handy several times.

Along with the normal find this place and go to it function is a bonus music option that allows the MotionX GPS Drive app to pull up the iTunes music library for some background traveling tunes. Very useful. Another bonus feature is an actual magnetic compass for exploring latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, heading and strength of the GPS signal. It also includes save this, email or save as a parking spot quick keys.

MotionX GPS Drive is probably more feature packed than some of the top of the line GPS navigation systems and it beats them in function, not to mention price by $200. These reasons combined with live traffic flow maps and multi-stop routing make it the only GPS system required for driving or walking.

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  • Anonymous

    How much did Phillipe Inc. pay you for this review? Their apps are featured bloated and non-intuitive to use. The only reason that they rate highly is they appear issue random app updates that clear out the old reviews in the app store and then new suspiciously identical reviews appear. Hmm....

  • Ian Wasp

    These two sentences make NO sense at all: "GPS navigation systems are expensive and have become more of a commodity than an essential tool for driving. However, that’s not to say drivers don’t need them from time to time."

    1. GPS navigation is certainly not expensive.
    2. If GPS navigation is a commodity, that means it is widely available and cheap.
    3. The fact they are a commodity has nothing to do with whether they are an essential tool for driving. But still, many people, myself included, believe they are quite useful, if not essential.
    4. I don't have a clue about whatever you're trying to say in that last sentence.

    I stopped reading after the first paragraph. I don't need to fill my brain with poorly written, illogical, nonsense.

  • Greg Dawson

    @Anonymous - I personally used the app and it was very useful.

    @Ian - What I was trying to say is that going out to a store and purchasing a GPS Nav system is expensive and that this app was not expensive. Is it illogical to think that this app, at $.99, is far more of a bargain than the more expensive portable GPS Nav systems on display at the brick and mortars?

    As for commodity... maybe I could have used a different word such as novelty.


  • Barbara Holbrook

    @Anonymous This is not a paid review. All of our writers use the apps that they review and "good scores" are not for sale. MotionX GPS is a top app because it is a great value — which is also why we decided to review it.

  • TonyS

    @anonymous - apparently you have never used Motion X GPS Drive. Do you even own an iPhone? I own over 2300 iPhone/iPad apps and Motion X GPS Drive is one of my favorites. While it is not perfect, I consider it one of the best values in the App store and I use it everyday.
    Perhaps you should take your personal vendettas elsewhere.