MotionX Poker Dice is the Game to Beat


motionx poker iphoneI could play MotionX Poker, from MotionX, all day long, every day for the next year, and I'd still be shaking my head and iPhone in awe.

MotionX Poker is poker (five-draw card) dice.They're dice with a playing card on each of their six sides: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9 (there are no suits, so there are no flushes). Each player has three tries to put together a winning hand. You can play against the dealer (who wins so often I'm beginning to suspect the game is rigged) or your friends.

Shake your iPhone or iPod touch to roll the dice.

This is a stunning adaptation of the physical game. It's got everything: beautifully rendered graphics, crisp SFX and soundtrack and realistic game play. The other thing I like about MotionX Poker is that it's amazingly responsive. Screen changes, buttons taps — everything zips.

You can customize the look of the dice and the table surface you play on and can level up to a greater selection of dice and tables based on the number of coins you win. Along the way you can collect gems for throwing a winning hand on the first roll, winning with the same hand back-to-back and 15 other accomplishments.

Last, MotionX Poker stores your game lifetime stats unless you choose to reset them.

MotionX Poker uses every attribute that makes the iPhone and iPod touch such great devices and blends them with fantastic visuals and entertaining game play. It's as good as it gets.

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  • Gos

    The sequel to this game (which features identical gameplay) is more polished also selling at the same price: Poker Quest. It has i believe 12 temples/tables to play so the content is a lot longer.