Mover+ Makes it Simple to Share Photos Over Wi-Fi for Free

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Developer: Emanuele Vulcano
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mover iphone appSomeone infinitely more wise and insightful than myself once said that “the best things in life are free.” That maxim didn’t resonate with me until I became an adult as I realized I found the most pleasure in simple joys and pleasures.

Infinite Labs has tapped into that territory with the release of Mover +, their social sharing application that provides a medium to openly share content and information.

Using a Wi-Fi connection, Mover allows users to easily send and receive pictures and contact information. Upon starting the application, you have a blank dashboard that you can add content from your phone that you want to share. Once the photos or contact info (complete with caller ID photos) is on the canvas, you merely swipe it to another user. Within seconds, transference is complete and the content is automagically added to the contact list or photo gallery. It’s very intuitive and easy to use for people all across the range of iPhone users.

With an original and disruptive application like this, it’s par for the course to expand on the ways in which the concept could be pushed to become more universal. Barring any technology constraints, it’d be great to be able to leverage Mover using Bluetooth or 3G in environments where Wi-Fi isn’t available. The ability to send calendar events and alerts in Mover makes sense as well, but it’s limited to photos and contact information for now. Lastly, I missed a method to select multiple photos at one time to add them to my Mover dashboard.

Even with my wishlist, I’m throughly impressed and appreciative of what Mover is doing. Infinite Labs has delivered an application that performs as advertised, and it’s completely free. Should you happen to have a group of friends with iPhones, Mover is an essential application that’ll undoubtedly delight you in variety of social settings.

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