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Movie Mogul iPhoneMogul (n.) – Entrepreneur, industrialist, tycoon, iPhone user with Movie Mogul installed.

Movie Mogul for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad is branded as a game, but is more like a choose-your-own-ending book than a game, that pits your movie production knowledge against an imaginary movie making process. Choose your script, hire a writer, choose your director, your actors, and even your release date and screen test location, all in an effort to create a hit, not a flop.

Movie Mogul is mostly reading and making selections – which is why it’s hard to quantify it as a game, per se. Yet, some of the text is kind of interesting if you are interested in little bits of information about the movie production process. The Movie Mogul process isn’t about actually making a movie, but about making choices that affect the outcomes of success. Your goal is to create a mega blockbuster hit with big profits, rather than a flop that loses money. Thankfully everything is imaginary, including the money.

In addition to small blurbs about movie production, Movie Mogul is riddled with corny humor. The scripts, the actors and actresses, and even the directors, are all based on obvious real-life Hollywood moguls. (Enter the likes of Clint Yeastwood, the Toen Brothers, Jude Low, and Meryl Schweep.) Random and costly encounters that delay movie production are also thrown in for a bit of humor and the outcomes vary.

While there is some entertainment and interest value to Movie Mogul, it is a game best left to the easily amused. The sheer design of it, much like those aforementioned books, is to choose different components each time to see how the outcome is affected. The choices are kind of limited and thus, the process tires easily and no real creative input is required.

If you enjoy everything about the movies and could derive enjoyment from learning a bit about the movie making process, as well as having some good natured fun with casting your own version of a hit or flop, then Movie Mogul offers the unique ability to do just that. You can call the shots on a collection of over a dozen script sources, build a budget, and choose from some of Hollywood’s biggest fictitious leading men and women. Just don’t let the fame and fortune go to your head—it’s just for fun.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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    i like watching movie, and i think tycoon is good, movie mogul is really usefull for mu ipad