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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

movies now free iphone appMovies Now! Free - If all the available free movie apps we've reviewed to date were in a head to head competition, the last standing would likely be Movies by Flixster, Fandango and this app, Movies Now! Free. While I admit I have no idea if there is a version of Movies Now! that isn’t free (I sure didn’t see anything turn up in a search of the App Store) I doubt many people are all that bothered by the free movie apps that are ad supported as this one is.

Movies Now! features an aesthetically pleasing layout with fairly simple, but intuitive top and bottom navigation bars. Movies are displayed as movie poster images and a simple tap gives you movie details such as release date, run time, synopsis and of course, the option to watch the trailer. You can also view ratings and reviews from Rotten Tomatoes and other sources.

Essentially, you get the same abilities with Movies Now! Free as you do with Flixster’s Movies, including the option to buy tickets online directly from within the app itself at One aspect of Movies Now! that really makes it great is the ability to tap on the “now” icon in the bottom nav bar and view a list of movies with a countdown to show times at your selected theatre. This information is displayed in list format, with the hours and minutes until the start time displayed next to the movie listing.

Movies Now! uses GPS function to determine theatres closest to your location or you can search out cinemas by zip code or street name under the “cinemas” icon.

Though you can search out movies by “In Cinemas,” “Coming Soon,” or just a movie title, you can not search for movies by actors or directors the way you can in Flixster’s Movies. You can, however, select to view movies organized by ratings.

Another aspect of Movies Now! that makes it a rival to Flixter's Movies is the “Coming Soon” format. It lists movies that are not yet out in theatres by four categories  — “This  Week,” "Next Week," "This Month," and “Coming Soon.” In order to view this format and still see the release dates you will have to tap on the list viewformat, otherwise only movie poster images are displayed with no dates. There is currently no DVD option with Movies Now! as it deals only in current and future Box Office titles.

Regardless of the various features of either, Movies Now! Free is at least comparable to the popular Movies by Flixster and is a more comprehensive movie app than Now Playing and the other few freebies. If you often choose your movies on the fly, based on where you’re at and what you’re doing at the time, then Movies Now! should prove a useful addition to your menu.

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This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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  • Josh H.

    If you just go to the developers website, it shows a $2.99 version "Coming Soon" that is ad-free. Otherwise, that looks to be the only difference.

  • Kavin Bharti Mittal

    Thanks Jennifer, we really appreciate the coverage.

    Just wanted to comment on some points you've mentioned in the review:

    - Coming Soon is actually sorted by 4 categories (instead of the 2 mentioned)- 'This Week, Next Week, This Month, Coming Soon'. This is the same for both the Poster and List Views.

    - In addition to the above, Coming Soon in the List View is sub-categorized by the Release Dates which can be viewed instantly (This is the text in orange right beneath the Movie Title as you can see in the screenshot). This says "In Cinemas" for movies already released and shows the 'Release Date' for Movies to be released.

    We are aware of the other points mentioned in the above review and will be incorporating features such as 'Movie Search for movies within the app' in the updates to follow.

    We are always open to suggestions which can be sent over to and
    For any issues faced please send a mail to or visit and we'll be more than happy to help!

    Kavin Bharti Mittal
    Kodu Ltd.

  • Jennifer

    Thanks for pointing that out. It is true: changing to the "list" format will display release dates of future films and the selected view doesn't change between navigation, so I recommend leaving it on "list" view for faster viewing of future releases, though the "now" function remains my favorite aspect. Can you tell us if the future updates you mention will apply to both the free and ad-free, paid versions?

  • Kavin Bharti Mittal

    All necessary updates such as movie search, facebook connect etc. will apply to both the free and paid versions. We intend to support both equally throughout our development though we are considering adding some premium features which will be exclusive to the paid version once 3.0 is launched.

  • Movies Now HD

    "Movies Now! Free May Be Another Movie Giant App" by App Craver (Rated 8/10). Check it out at

  • Jacob

    Good find on MoviesNow. This was one I didn't have! :) I have the Fandango, Rotten Tomatoes, and Flixster (saved me when going to see Avatar this weekend!) apps already, but I like how this app has the "Playing In" countdown on the "Now" screen.

    When you're just trying to see something and have some time to burn, I could see how that could be useful to see what's playing around you without having to jump from theater to theater. The Movie Tweets is pretty neat too. I haven't used FlixUp yet, but this presentation is a good, friendly time suck when you're trying to decide what to see.

  • Richard

    I just deleted the Movies Now! Free app. For whatever reason, it does not list the movie "It's Complicated". Not no where, not no how. I need to see ALL movies at theatres or in my area not some political manifesto of movies they decide to list or not list as this case may be.

  • Kavin Bharti Mittal

    Hi Richard,

    We fixed the issue long back. There was a small bug server-side and it literally took 2 mins to fix it.

    Please email our support team, next time you have an issue.


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