MP Solitaire is Contradictory Card Fun


mp solitaire iphoneGet this — the MP in MP Solitaire stands for "multi-player," which come on, is a bit paradoxical. After all, you can’t play a game that was designed to be played alone with other people, right? Apparently you can.

MP Solitaire features three different card games, including the traditional version of solitaire, but throws in a twist that makes it possible to play alone or with other players via split screen or simply against computer players. It does sound a bit confusing, but in truth, MP Solitaire’s an intriguing game that supplies you with this bizarre option to play solitaire card games with someone else.

First and foremost with MP Solitaire, you get to play solitaire the real way — alone — and let’s face it, solitaire is a must-have standard on a handheld device. It’s like some of those standard features on cars (daytime running lights) that you don’t know if you’ll ever use, but have to have anyway. Or in my case, it’s like the staples in my pantry, only I actually use solitaire. The one thing I find missing in MP Solitaire, which I really wish had been included, is an “undo last move” option, but as my grandpa always said, “a card laid is a card played,” so with respect to that mantra, I can live without “undo.”

The other two games included are “golf” and “13 in the middle.” Both are similar to solitaire in that your goal is to play all the cards in your deck to the appropriate fields, but each has their own unique set of rules. For instance, "golf" has you playing cards on top of the discard pile that are either one higher or one lower than the top card. If you're not familiar with any of the games, take heart, there is a step-by-tutorial for all three games that explains the rules and includes a brief demonstration of how to play each game. In MP Solitaire there is also a little bonus point mini game included where you tap joker icons as they fly across the screen.

While you can opt to play any of the three games alone, the multi-player option makes MP Solitaire a bit more interesting. You can choose to play MP Solitaire with a real person on a split-screen and compete for the best score or race to be the first person to go out, or you can play against computer players, whose playing fields will be displayed in the upper left of the screen. MP Solitaire also saves high scores to your device and gives you the options of changing card backs and background colors.

Besides providing the staple solitaire, MP Solitaire’s a very useful game to store away for office or restaurant waits and car trips. While I stand by my single-player preference, the card skirmish that ensues from multi-player mode — especially 13 in the middle — is kinda fun too and this feature and the extra game modes of MP Solitaire give additional mileage to a tried-and-true game.

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